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Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors (“the Board”) recognizes and subscribes to the importance of adopting high standards of Corporate Governance within the Group. Good Corporate Governance adds value to the Group and is therefore an integral part of the Group’s business dealings and culture. The Board will continue to enhance corporate governance in order to safeguard the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders.

 Board Committees

The Board has established various Board Committees to assist in the discharge of duties and responsibilities. Each of the following committees will operate within defined terms of reference or procedures and the Chairman of respective Committees will report to the Board on matters considered and submit recommendations to the Board for approval as appropriate.

 Audit Committee
 Nomination & Remuneration Committee

 Board Charter

 Code of Conduct

 Corporate Disclosure Policy

 Whistle Blowing Policy

 Dividend Policy

 Gender Diversity Policy

 Remuneration Policy and Procedures

 Succession Planning