KKB Engineering Berhad (KKBEB)

Core Activities

Civil Construction

Design  and Build for construction projects, EPCC scope, architectural steel structures, petrol service stations, factories and plants.

Supply, Lay, Test  and Commissioning of water pipelines and other activities.

No.Registration BodyClass / Head / Sub-Head
1 CIDB - Lembaga Pembangunan Industri Pembinaan Malaysia - G7/B/B04, B12, B15, B02
- G7/CE/CE21, CE17, CE24, CE02, CE20
- G7/ME/M12, M11, M19, M21, M22
2 UPK-B (Unit Pendaftaran Kontraktor Dan Juruperunding) - A/II/4(b), 5(a)(iii), 6(a)
3 UPK-K (Unit Pendaftaran Kontraktor Dan Juruperunding) - A/I/1, 2(a)(i), 2(a)(ii), 2(b)(i), 2(b)(ii), 2(c)(i), 2(c)(ii), 3(a)(i), 3(a)(ii), 3(b), 3(c), 4(a), 4(b), 4(c)
- A/II/1(a), 1(b), 1(c), 2(a), 2(b), 3(a), 3(b), 3(c), 5(a), 5(b), 5(c), 6(a), 6(b)
- A/III/1(a), 1(b), 1(c), 1(d), 1(e), 2(a), 2(b), 2(c), 2(d), 4(a), 4(b), 4(c)
- A/IV/1(a), 1(b), 2(a), 2(b), 3, 4(a), 4(b)
4 UPKJ-M (Unit Pendaftaran Kontraktor Dan Juruperunding) - A/V/2(a), 2(b)